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coking coal

Chemical composition
Total moisture: 3 %
Ash: 7.00%
Volatile matter: 36 %
Fixed Carbon: 56%
Sulfur: 0.6%
Raw calorific power: 13.600 Btu/Lb
Calorific power:7500 Kcal/kg
F.S.I: 7%
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Metallurgical Coke

Chemical composition
Total Moisture: 6.00%
Maximum Ash: 11.50%
Maximum volatile matter: 1.50%
Maximum fixed carbon: 88%
Sulfur: 0.60 Max
Phosphorus: 0.004%
Raw calorific power (Btu/Lb): 12400
Calorific power (Kcal/Kgr): 6900
MICUM : 10-40%
Silica : 2.52%
Iron: 0.55%

Coking Process

The process starts with the reception of coal contained in trucks coming from the mines; the sample for the laboratory analysis is taken directly on the truck before the coal is unloaded. Afterwards the coal is stacked and homogenized on the stockyard. Later on, the coal is taken by a band carrier in which the sterile matter is extracted just before its crushing process. Later, the crushed coal is deposited on a Hopper with the purpose of feeding small wagons which carry the coal to the ovens where the coa lis heated for 48 hours. After this process, the coke is stored on a stockyard for crushing and the size classification. Finally, the material is stored on hoppers and stockyard for the dispatch process.